Becoming Alcohol Aware

Our website is dedicated to creating change, turning the tragic death of our eldest son, Michael, into something positive.  On August 3, 1999, Michael died from acute alcohol poisoning on his 21st birthday.  Michael was such a positive person, full of life.  His life was full of meaning; his death needs to have significance.  It is about making choices; how to respond to grief, how to make different decisions, how to make positive choices before one's life is altered in a detrimental way. 

Reaching Others through Teaching, Tragedy, and a Personal Touch
(a program for youth and adults responsible for them)

The beginning -

Knowing some good needed to come from such a senseless tragedy, our family met with TAMU the morning of Silver Taps to discuss how another ill-timed death due to alcohol poisoning could be prevented.   Discussion revolved around the need to share with others what had happened to Michael, Michael's story, as well as the Birthday Card project.  In the spring of that year I made my first presentation to a high school group.  These young people, many former students, helped develop the first presentation as a community service project recognizing alcohol as a major concern.  The program has continued to be revised based on input from youth and current trends.

We have made numerous presentations to all age groups, youth and adults alike, across the state of Texas.  Certainly, working with college and high school young adults would seem appropriate.  However, since prevention is an important part of our mission, (keep in mind the average age of 1st use of alcohol in the state of Texas is 12yrs. of age), we have presented to elementary-age youth. 

Alcohol Education Program for Minors
(state-certified program for minors receiving a MIP, MIC, PI, or DUI)

Providing stated-approved AEPM classes for MIP, MIC, PI, and DUI in Montgomery and Northeast Harris counties.  The course is a six-hour program presented in a two 3-hr. sessions with a maximum of 25 students per class. 

GriefShare - Loss and grief support
(a weekly seminar, non-denominational support group for those grieving the death of someone close; a place to be around others who understand what are you feeling, learn valuable information about recovering from grief and renew your hope for the future)

Each sesson includes a video seminar featuring some of the top experts on grief and recovery followed by participation in small group discussions.  You will have the opportunity to interact with others whom have experienced a loss and have the opportunity to share you own experiences.  Adolescent group will be available as needed. 

The Power of Getting It Right:

Decision Making Class
(theft, shoplifting, vandalism, assault, trespass...)

Truancy Workshop
(Failure to attend School)

Each court-ordered Class 'C' misdemeanors course from Montgomery or Harris County is taught once a month on a 4-hour Saturday.  

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